I have had one now for a while it is a 1989 Yellow Westone Dimesion WE5400 with a Floyd Rose on it. Some things that are unique on mine is the flat radius fingerboard and it has a "single coil" sized humbucker at the neck position and a humbucker at the bridge. This guitar also has coil taps installed on it. (Coil taps are stock) So sitback, have fun, and show off your Westones
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Me and Lesley West love Westone Guitars,

The only one I own is this bass.

Coli tapping, 18 volt preamp. Awesome bass,

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awesome yellow is an awesome colour for an 80s superstrat

i think i tried a westone once (not like yours, it had a natural wood finish). seemed to be a nice guitar.
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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The Dimension 4 is not solid the are planks glued together and have maple veneer on both sides. I just got one for $20 and stripped it down to repaint it and decided to just stain it.

This is my second Westone/electra. Not a bad guitar if you can get them for the right price Both mine came with the MMk45 pups, and the fancy wiring.
What the hell!!!
And as far as the TS guitar the yellow is soooo 80s , I love it. Your trem is just a FR, the Bendmaster is a piece of garbage, my Epiphone by Gibson by Samik Superstrat had one....total garbage.

I replaced the Fender style trem on my Dynasty with a GFS brass block and roller saddle setup. Plays awesome.

The Electra/Westone frets are only mediums so I kinda dont like that since I fret hard, my kid has no issues on the other hand.
What the hell!!!
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Thanks Like all the axes. I am looking to buy a Dimension IV but I cant seem to find one...

They are rare now. Both my Westone/ Electras were by luck.

A few weeks ago there were a ton of Westones on my local Craigslist. A total red Dimension4 came up for $120 with the OHSC! I almost bought it, but then I would have to let the wife get another cat or lose some guitars :/
What the hell!!!
Since Westone and Electra were merged back in the 1980s, I thought I'd point out that Electra is back in business.



I have an Electra Omega Prime from the new company, and it's quite nice!

Also, they're introducing some new models this year, and I think some are based on the old Westone & Electra designs:
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The OP's guitar looks a lot like a Kramer (series XXX?) from back then... Probably same factory?