Howdy folks.

I'm currently playing an Ibanez ar50 with coil tap and tremolo, jb in the bridge and super 70 in the neck (which I love) in my blues band, but it's just not getting the sort of dreamy, twangy, trebly bends that I want, so I'm planning on buying a cheap strat and fitting it out with all new electrics.

I'll stick with the jb for the bridge but I'll want a fairly high output, cutting sc for the mid and a very warm sc (or possibly trembucker) for the neck. Any suggestions here would be great.

So the plan for the wiring will be concentric 500k pot, vol/tone for the bridge. 250k tone/kilpot for the mid (I love machine gun effect). And a concentric vol/tone for the neck, 500 or 250k depending on the pickup.

The switch will be bridge, all with bridge and mid out of phase, mid, bridge and neck, mid and neck.

I'm used to lp wiring so I'm a bit of a control freak. I figure the volume pots for the bridge and neck will help with any gain discrepancies caused by humbucker/sc clashes. Anyway please have a look at my plan and tell me what you think.
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