I actually posted this as a reply into another thread, but thort i'd include it here so more people interested might view it, I can't believe there are so many bad versions of this tab out there, until I was aware of it, I just thort this part of the tune was damn near impossible...

that being said, over the years I have noticed that even professionally written Tab books can more often than not be wrong.

Classic point in case, Eruption - Van Halen

the examples given are from the start of the third section of the solo, just before the 2 handed tapping section. (I've only corrected the essential errors in this post), when you play it the second way, immediately you notice just how stupid the first version really was.

Shame Hal Leonard... Shame!

First the so called "professional" version:
(Hal Leonard Book and even tabbed here at U-G)
 [/code] [/FONT]      
And here's what Eddie actually plays...
[code] [font="Courier New"]
     Lick .A
e-| |------------------------------------------------| |-
B-| |-----------6-p-0-------------8-p-0---------tr---| |-
G-| |--5-p-0----------9--7-p-0-----------11--9-(11)--| |-
D-| |--------8----------------10---------------------| |-
A-| |------------------------------------------------| |-
E-| |------------------------------------------------| |-
     Lick .B
e-| |------------------------------------------------| |-
B-| |------------------------------------------------| |- 
G-| |-----------5-p-0--------------7-p-0--------tr---| |-
D-| |--5-p-0----------9--7-p-0-----------11--9-(11)--| |-
A-| |--------7-----------------9---------------------| |-
E-| |------------------------------------------------| |-
     Lick C.
    (Played same as Lick .A)

Hope it helps!