If anyone would like to listen to my uploads and leave your thoughts I would greatly appreciate it and return the favor. I expected this site to have some built in way to listen to other peoples mp3s easily and have them listen to yours but I'm not finding it. Also if this is an inappropriate place for this post and there actually is a place to listen to other peoples uploads like that then I would appreciate that information as well.
"Levee": What you have sounds quite good, but it is rather short. It sounds like a very good intro to what should (in my opinion) be developed into a full blown song, hopefully with some vocals. Instrumentally, I know you can do it! "Orbit": I chose this because it is more than a minute long. Sounds pretty cool. Some good vocals would be nice. Most of the playing is good, but could be a bit tighter in a few spots. I like it. Please review my music at this link: