I am going to be doing some tutorials on drums to put on YouTube soon but I am in search of a good 8 XLR input interface.

If I could stay around 300-450$ that would be sweet. I was looking at the Tascam US-1800 because my friend has it and he says it works great. I was looking for something with FireWire (or Thunderbolt) though. Then I thought of a Profire 2626 and even though its WAY over my budget I wouldn't mind waiting a few more months and collecting a little bit more money BUT they don't run on the newest version of Macs OS (outdated drivers and if you have seen the M-Audio forums, people are PISSED.)

Anyhow, does anyone own or have in mind an interface that would work for me?

Have you considered the focusrite 18i20? 8 decent preamps on there and loads of flexibility for playback, it only runs on USB but if you're worried about latency issues etc. the mix control software that comes with it is perfect for rectifying any issues lets you choose to monitor your mics on the way in or on the way out your DAW (or both at the same time if you need!)

I've managed to pick one up at trade price (£270 here in the UK) so try and friend someone in your local music store haha
I own a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for just song ideas and stuff and I absolutely love it. I will look into the 18i20!

That actually brings up another question...

Besides the possible latency I may encounter, if I wanted to could I run my Scarlett 2i2 (which have 2 line/mic combo inputs) and also run a 18i20 at the same time? So I would actually get 10 XLR inputs?
There's no way of linking those 2 together unfortunately, you can get ADAT expansion on the 18i20 which allows 8 more preamp inputs as 8 more outputs, it's all cost though. Focusrite always recommend the Octopre to go with it which I've used at uni which is an excellent pre amp expander, but it'd be worth looking into the Behringer Midas ADAT preamps which can do the same thing at half the price.

Got to bear in mind aswell I think the 18i20 retails about £350-£400 normally
Actually, you can use them simultaneously with aggregate devices under OS X or with ASIO4ALL under Windows. Both of these can cause higher latency, and ASIO4ALL can be unstable with multiple devices (after all, it's not designed with that as it's main intention). YMMV but it won't damage anything if you try it.
Not at all, although since you have a mac I suggest other stuff.
In this order, the Mackie onyx blackbird, the liquid saffire 56, the saffire pro 40 and the 828.

And buy used stuff, deals are way better.
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