I've Ibanez GRG170 guitar, and I'll change the bridge pickup, but I don't know, that this will work, becouse my guitar is with tremolo bridge.
Can somebody help me? Most of SD pickups have version for guitars with tremolo, but the Invader haven't, and on their website stay the Invader works for all guitar type.
The Invader pickup will work with my Ibanez?
The physical size of the pickup is the same for normal and tremolo guitars, the pole pieces are just spaced differently, so they'll still work (because of the big-ass pole pieces on the invader).

Something to note though, not all tremolos require F spacing, and not all F-spaced tremolos are the same size. Check your strings spacing and the specs of the pickups (the pole pieces should be centered under each string-again, this doesn't exactly apply to the invader).
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Yes it will work.
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You will be just fine. As someone has already pointed out, "F-Spacing" pickups are not specifically for tremolo-equipped guitars. The "F" stands for "Fender." Fender guitars traditionally use a wider string spacing at the bridge than does Gibson. Since most humbucker pickups are made to "Gibson Specs," the polepieces did not line up properly with "Fender Spaced" strings. That is why there is this difference.

The Invader has such gigantic polepieces that it might just as well have a solid bar. All will be well.

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Okay thanks, I'll go for sure . I measured the spacing, among of the 2 e string, the distance is 52 mm...It's not to wide for Invader?
You should be fine.
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