I have a 35 year old Norman classical...Model c-80..Its a little odd as it has a truss rod...anyway I have love it, other than the tuners which are ugly and which Id like to replace with some more attractive gold ones... Crazy I know.. Anyway each time I go to a store to get a set they are the wrong size, just a little too big...Any one know where I might get some ...I could post a sketch of the dimensions
by too big do you mean the new tuners will not fit in the old holes (the holes need to be bigger)?

or is the spacing wrong?
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Norman Guitars of Canada no longer makes nylon-stringed classical guitars, so finding specs on the tuning machines might be a problem. Schaller and Gotoh makes some nice ones, and the ones made by Sloane are probably the best (and the most expensive). But if you are having problems with sizing, then you might need to take your guitar to a good guitar tech and have him or her figure out the exact dimensions of your tuning machines.
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