I finally ended up buying a new guitar. I convinced myself to trade in my Fender 72 Telecaster Deluxe. Don't get me wrong, it's a great guitar but it turned out that it wasn't for me. I didn't get along with it as well as I hoped to. There were also some practical issues that prevented me from enjoying it to the max.

Anyway, I did a ton of research and brought my guitars and amp to a music store where they had most of the guitars I was interested in. Because it was a possibility to trade in my Tele (HH) I had my focus on humbucker equipped guitars to assist my PRS SE EG (SSS). I tried humbucker equipped guitars but didn't find one that I liked enough. I also tried P90 equipped guitars but again, I didn't find the guitar I was looking for. They were all great guitars but just not for me.

I also plugged in my PRS and I really liked it. I took some time to make up my mind and I concluded that I maybe wanted to have humbuckers too badly because I was getting rid of my Tele. I do really enjoy my PRS so I shifted my focus to single coils. I did check out some strats during my research and the Fender Classics Series 50's and 60's Stratocasters (lacquer) and Fender American Special Stratocaster were the strats I was most interested in. I decided to try the American Special and the 50's Classis first because I preferred the 50's neck over the 60's neck. After a long time the salesman came back to ask which one I preferred and I had to tell him that I was still playing on the American Special. I gave the 50's an honest chance and I liked the American Special more. It was a little dirtier, had more bite and pushed the amp a little more due to the Texas Special pick ups.

I played the American Special with a big smile and after I plugged in the 50's Classic one more time I knew it for sure, it had to be the American Special.

Enough talking, time for pictures:

HNGD! Lovely strat.
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Oooooh, beautiful. HNGD!
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Pretty cool!

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excellent, like the colour and the maple neck
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Thanks guys, I love the comments so far! I cleaned it, changed strings and removed all the plastic etc. I hope to make some better pics the coming days.
HNGD! I love my American Special. Great guitar!
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