Hello everyone. Basically, a few years back I used to have a Creative Zen Xtra mp3 player. It was glorious. 100 GB and I connected it to my hi-fi system so I essentially had unlimited songs at my disposal, through a really good sound system. I barely used it as a portable device.

Sadly, it broke and is now buried in my garden. I was just wondering if there was anything similar out there? Almost a hard drive I could connect to my hi-fi? I don't care about it being portable, I just want tonnes of space. I doubt this is feasible, mainly because it would require a screen so I could actually see what songs I was selecting and this would probably end up being an mp3 player, but just thought I'd ask.

iPods are just too expensive in my opinion.

tl:dr: I want something that holds a load of songs that I can connect to my hi-fi.
I just chromecast music from my desktop to my entertainment system. 100GB + of music at my disposal.