Hi guys,
Cornell is one of the major references for lovers of british sound. His amplifiers are modeled on historical models made ​​in UK with a high attention to detail and several unique characteristics, such as the two heads in one of Plexi 45/50.
This head is not an exact replica of a JTM45 or plexi 50, but is a compromise between two worlds that finally gives its advantages in most live situations.
The constructive work and the point to point is perfect, two separate circuits, one for the JTM45 mode, the other for the JMP50. Everything is installed on a thick base glass epoxy.
The quality of the components is very good and seems solid as a rock. It has custom transformers but there is no choke. An important and useful feature is the switch to reduce the power from 50 to 15W. The soundtest is convincing, using both a cabinet with Vintage 30 and one cabinet with G12H30 Heritage. The differences between the two modes are not prominent, more roundness the JTM45 way and more output in JMP50 way. Pots very sensitive and it is difficult to come up with a bad sound.
At last it digests pedals beautifully. Versatility is an important quality of this amp, but the thing that struck me the most is the ability to produce sounds extremely musical, never fake. I'm really happy with my purchase.

In this video i play in JTM45 way at full power with:
-G12H30 heritage 55Hz speakers
-SRV stratocaster replica with Orlando Pickups ( http://www.orlando- guitars.com/index.html )
-Orlando souldrive pedal, Sweetsound Ultravibe2, hand made custom 1969 silicon fuzz


Here i used the JMP50 way with:
-Gibson ES339 with Lollar imperial pickups
- Orlando souldrive pedal, Malekko echo 600 dark delay


Let me know what do you think about it!