Ok so I am wanting to enter the world of seven strings but I have a budget. I have been looking at a couple guitars that have caught my attention. I need your opinions...the first one im looking at; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Douglas-Scope-727-Nat-Ash-7-String-Guitar-Natural-/390764938924?pt=Guitar&hash=item5afb67c6ac
I like this one because of the floating trem

The second one;http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/dean-vendetta-vnxm-7-string-electric-guitar

The third one;http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/jackson-js22-7-dinky-dka-7-string-electric-guitar
As a first reaction I'm definitely throwing my vote to the Jackson.

Seriously budget floating trems are generally a bad idea, I don't know exactly how low-end that Douglas is but at that price I wouldn't be expecting anything at all good.

Also I've never, and I mean never, played a Dean I actually liked that wasn't a bass. Their guitars always seem to feel plasticky and flimsy to me with terrible pickups and nasty necks. Obviously your mileage may vary but that's my experience and I've played quite a few different Deans over the years now.
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I have a different Douglas 7-string (the Grendel 725), and let me tell you, they are pretty low end, but they're totally worth it if you're willing to put some time in. When I got mine, the fretwork was not too hot (some frets actually extended off the neck a few millimeters and had to be filed down) the truss rod was stuck and wouldn't move (had to oil it several times before it would even grudgingly turn), there was debris in the string holes that had to be scraped out with a piece of coat hanger before new strings would go in, and the action was frighteningly high (I eventually got it down to a playable level, but still not quite as low as I would like). However, it feels very solidly put together, if a tiny bit heavy, the neck feels thin and pretty fast, the electronics were flawlessly installed, and the pickups were surprisingly good (my jazz teacher, who's always pestering kids about their tone, actually complimented them.) For under $200, you can't expect much more than a ****-around guitar, but if you're willing to set it up, it's one of the best ****-around guitars you can get.

Anyway, I say go for the Jackson.
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