Hi all,

I've got an Ibanez RG721FM and I'm looking to re-fit the stock pickups. Unfortunately the CAP-VM's aren't doing it tone wise and I need something with a bit more bite and chunk.

The guitar is a basswood body and rosewood neck. It is set to Drop B and runs into a Peavey 6505+ and Mesa 4X12 cab.

The sound I'm looking to base around is between Killswitch Engage and Bring Me The Horizon. A bridge pickup that's great for lead work but can hold a breakdown together, and a neck pickup that songs for solos would be great.

I'm open to all brands and actives. Any help on my problem would be great.

visit bareknuckles website and have a look around. They offer a ton of varieties for every style imaginable. A little expensive but totally worth it.
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kse is basically your characteristic EMG tone. Dunno about BMTH (but I'm guessing EMGs wouldn't be awful for it, either).

what country are you in, though? that affects prices and availability. the BKPs I've tried (as suggested above) have been good, but unless you're in the UK (and even if you are) there are likely better value alternatives. Conversely if you're in Europe EMGs will be comparatively expensive compared to other options.
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I personally like the tone of a passive better, but because you have your 6 string tuned so low Id recommend getting actives to keep things a bit tighter.

I've got a pair of Dimarzio D-activators in my guitar (tuned to Drop B like you for a cover of a song that I am doing), and it still sounds pretty good but it's a bit loose-sounding for lower end chugs. My friend's got a guitar with an EMG 81 in the bridge, and though the tone is a bit too compressed for my taste, it definitely does stay nice and tight at the low B string compared to my D-activator.

As for the neck, if you are going with actives, I'd recommend the EMG 60 or 66

So overall, passives have better tone in my opinion, but for heavily drop tuned guitars, actives are better at keeping the low end tight.
However, the only problem with getting EMG's for your guitar is that you would have to get your guitar re-routed for a 9V battery pack because the stock CAPs are passive pickups.
If you do go the EMG route (which is perfectly suited for metal, but thats about it) Do the 18v mod. It took me about 10 mins to do myself, and costed about 5 bucks and i like it soo much better. Much cleaner overall.

I also have a prestige ibanez (RGD prestige) and wouldn't put actives in it.

i also have jacksons with emgs i wouldn't put passives in lol.
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If you're willing to do the work to convert to actives, EMGs sound like they'd suit you well.
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BMTH use Gibsons with passives in. KSE use EMGs
Id go with some passives, BKPs would be my suggestion
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Maybe the Seymour Duncan Black Winters - Very aggressive passive pickups - never used them myself though.
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All good advice. In short:

Spend alot of money on a BKP set and be able to play everything and anything you want with proficiency.


Spend slightly less money to get a set of EMGs, and be totally set right for metal. you can also do the 18v mod and get a little versatility and headroom out of em.
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Lee from BMTH uses Warpigs in the bridge of his Les Paul, he has for a few years or so now. I have no clue if it's the Ceramic or Alnico model though.
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