I bought a cheap secondhand Peavey guitar, and I want to completely make this one my own, I want it to be able to reach a variety of sounds as I play a variety of different genres and styles when I play live.

The Peavey has 3 pickups (like a strat) and I would hopefully like to get a different sound from at least the neck and the bridge with the middle pickup being possibly a clean sound, I am aware this may not work (but I'm a novice at modifying guitars asides from installing new pickups)

I would like the neck pick-up to have a very, very light folky sound to it, almost like a mandolin sound in a sense,

Ideally the middle pick-up I would like to have a reverberating clean tone to it

And the bridge I would like a heavier country rock sound to it

Any suggestions as to some pick-ups to look into would be great as well as price ranges if you have them, along with any other parts I may need to purchase to get this to work.

As I said I'm a novice at this type of stuff, so please don't pull your hair out at my stupidity!
What is your budget?
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Quote by Robbgnarly
What is your budget?

Anywhere between £10 and £500, money isn't that big an issue