Does anyone here own one of these amps? I've done my research and it seems a very solid amp for metal so i'm probably buy one of these soon.

It seems like the general consensus on these amps it's capable of matching a Peavy 6505 distortion while having pretty good cleans at the same time.

What do you think of this amp? Is it a solid purchase? Or should i just wait and do more research and buy another amp? (Since i live in a shitty town in Mexico. I'm not able to test the amp personally and all my research is based on review, forum posts and youtube clips.)
It is a decent amp for the price, KSE is using them so they can't suck too bad
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If you're playing metal, it's a solid choice.
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In a band i play we have both 6505+ and ironheart. It is not bad with a tube screamer, but doesn't come close to a 6505 and without a tube screamer its not that great.
But for that price range it is a really good option.