(read on i will review your song if you review mine)

Hey guys, I need an honest opinion here.

I am rhythm guitar and lead vocals for a band my buddy is in. We don't really have a name yet, but we have written a couple songs.

Changes: (Rock)

One Last Thing: (softer rock)

i wrote more of the second song. He is an incredible guitarist, but our musical direction seems a bit different. Just wanted to know y'alls opinion on these two songs.


listened to changes. Right away I get a Breaking Benjamin feel from it. Even got a Deftones vibe in the vocals at the start of the verse. To me this sounds like a mix of many alternative metal bands like Chevelle, Godsmack, and Disturbed. So yeah, nothing about this song really sounded unique to me. But still a pretty decent and catchy tune. And the recording/mixing sounded good too.

Feel free to critique my song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1631364
this is "double aa" reviewing "Double AA": this reminds me instrumentally of Pearl Jam (a compliment). Main vocals sound pretty good (I wonder if they'd sound better double-tracked), sound very good with 2 singers at once. Audio quality is good all around. Guitar playing/riffs/tone sounds very good! Bass & drums sound good. Very good song! Please review my music at this link:

Not fond of the guitar tone at the beginning, but that quickly changed once every other instrument kicked in. Love the vocals, man. Like another guy said, I do hear the Breaking Benjamin sound, but also some Saving Abel in there. Very well-produced, good vocal harmonies, nice sound on that rhythm section. Guitar tones are awesome. The song packs a punch. I dig it. Nice riff-work; catchy and to the point.

"One Last Thing":
Absolutely love that acoustic tone right off the start. Well-sung. You're a really good songwriter. This is the kind of acoustic music i'd love to write one day. The drums come in and set an even smoother and promising setting for the rest of the song. The lyrics are very pleasant. Beautiful sound you have. The vocal melodies are incredibly catchy and memorable.

Honestly, I enjoy both songs equally. I do tend to lean towards acoustic music more, but each of these songs are excellent! If you don't favor the rock sound and want to head toward the second song's direction more, then go for it. Talk to your bandmate(s) about the matter, and if they're okay with heading a certain direction, I don't see why not go for gold. You've got some incredible songwriting skills, but keep the acoustic/rock mix. I love it. Very original music. Hope it all works out for you. Also, "One Last Thing" reminds me of Fight The Current's music. I highly recommend you check them out if you want to go in the send song's direction. Good stuff.

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