Ive been out of the guitar game for a few years now due to the military, and trying to get back into it. Ive been wanting an effects pedal board, but not a huge one! I am a fan of the Line 6 products, and used to play on one similar to the HD 500x. So here it is.

What I want:

-Effects (obviously)
-Preset sounds that are already kick ass
-Being able to adjust preset sounds/make my own
-3 different buttons for presets (2 or 4 is good too)

I know theres tons of reviews on this site already, but I don’t even know where to start. The JM4 Looper, or M9 stomp box are two of the things I have already been looking at.
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I'm not sure what you are asking for? This is kinda vague...
I want a pedal board, and other peoples opinions on which one they think best fits my needs. I can run it into my computer (Macbook Pro) or amp (Fender FM 65)
that sort of thing is called a multifx. hence the confusion.

Makes more sense now! Sorry, I don't know much about multifxs.
Ah I see. Well its been a little while since Ive spent the day browsing musicians friend, so any help is appreciated
If you're a Line 6 fan, the M-series units are pretty good and the POD HD500X is also a safe bet.
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Your description of requirements sounds exactly like a Zoom G3 to me.

Loads of good effects, built in looper, everything is customisable as if you were dealing with individual pedals, and each effect is switched on & off with a dedicated footswitch.
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Ok thanks for the input! Linkerman, the 500x is a little big for my purposes, but I'll check out the M series. I wouldn't be gigging anytime soon. Gary thanks a lot man I'll check it out. Any opinions on the vox vdl1? I've been looking up reviews on all of these and plan on trying it out at the store if I can ever get around to it.
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Wait, do you need amp models, or are you looking for strictly a multiFX unit?
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If you're going to work mostly on the computer, pick up a used Pod HD (same everything as in an HD500 except that it's the "bean" shape and cheaper than the HD500). Add the smaller FBV Express pedal (about $99), which has an expression pedal, four bank switches, a tuner display, a tap tempo set up. The Pod can sit on your desk, which is easier for "reamping" things, and easier to see. The foot pedal lives on the floor where it belongs and the only connector is what amounts to an ethernet cable.

Forget about great presets, however. You have to spend the time, endure the learning curve and do those yourself. There ARE presets, of course, but you never want to depend on those. You CAN download custom tones already done from a section of the Line 6 site, however.
It seems like the FBV is geared more towards line 6 amps? Correct me if I'm wrong.. that does sound like a pretty good set up though and I like the whole online part of line 6 and downloading different things.