Does anyone on here own a Peavey 6505+ Amp/Cab that can explain to me how to set mine up? I just got it and am a total noob, the internet has confused the shit outta me and I am frustrated as hell now.

How do I connect my amp to my cab? The oHm thing is confusing the hell outta me. Am I correct that the Amp should be set to 16 oHms and the Cabinet to MONO? Also which inputs/outputs do I use?? I am so confused...

Also I need to know how to properly turn on and off my amp with the whole POWER/STANDBY switch thing (never owned a tube amp before this)...theres a lot of conflicting opinions out there on the web... i just want the facts

I have pictures of the backs of my amp and cab I will send to someone if itll help, I cant post them here because it keeps telling me the pics are too big or something ... anyway help me for the love of god!!!! lol I want to start playing!!!
Take the back off your cab and inspect your speakers, then report back to us. You need to find the Ohm rating on the speakers. Each one should have a number (probably either 8 or 16 and an "upside down horseshoe" symbol (that's the symbol for ohms)).

If it has all 16 ohm speakers, you should probably run it at 16 ohm mono and set your amp for 16 ohms. But it depends on how it's wired too. (Somebody else feel free to chime in here).

As for the standby switch, I usually just make sure it's on standby before powering up, then turn the power on. I tune my guitar at this time (~30 seconds), then I flip the standby off and start raging. That's all you have to do. I usually turn it on standby before powering down as well -- as much because then it's ready for next time, more than anything else.
TS, what can do you have?

As far as turning the amp on, I want to be very clear as this can be confusing.

1. Turn the power switch (the one that is labeled as such) on. Some indication should let you know it's on.

2. Wait 30 or so seconds.

3. Flip the standby switch. You should now be able to make noise, provided everything is working and hooked up correctly.
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Use the mono setting on the cab, then match the impedance (16 ohm for example)
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