What does everybody think about this amp?


It's listed at $699.99 on Guitarcenter.com, if I'm trying to play pop music, punk, grunge and hard rock, do you guys think this would be a good amp for me?

I'm not going to lie, I'm partial to Marshall amps. I've owned Vox amps, Fender amps and Marshall amps before. Right now I have a Marshall MG10CD and I LOVE IT. I also have a Fender Mustang I, but I really don't like that amp, I like the Marshall way better.

If I have a budget of $500 - $1,000 what amp would you guys suggest? This next amp is going to be a big deal to me because after this I don't ever want to have to upgrade again for the next 10-15 years. Unlike other people, I don't have unlimited resources to spend on gear every year. I'm only allowing myself 1 acoustic guitar, 2 electric guitars and 2 amplifiers, the rest of my gear I'm going to sell off.

One more question, I heard that you have to change tubes out of the amp after you've owned it a while. Can anybody tell me how long the tubes last in an amp? Or should I go with a solid state amplifier instead?

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Or should I go with a solid state amplifier instead?


Never go Solid state.... if you can avoid it... LOL

I own the DSL40C... I play Blues and Classic Rock... Not sure it'd have the punch for "Hard Rock" on it's own, but it takes pedals pretty good... and It has an Effects loop.

If I could change anything it would be separate EQ settings for each channel, and the distortion channel is a bit noisy when you turn it on...

Great little amp for the money... plenty loud, not too heavy to carry... I've got 7 or 8 months on it now.. gigging it 2 or 3 times a month... No sign of tubes going...

Hope this helps..

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for the same money there are better choices that you could get used. tried the amp several times and while not bad I'd rather have the older original 50 watt version. you can also get some of Mesa's amps used for that price that would be better. prefer my Peavey Ultra to that marshall as well. played both side by side when amp shopping (I know not everyone has that option) and liked way better. you may also be able to find a used JSX for less which you may find to be a good fit for you. know about not being rich but I have yet to stick with an amp for 10-15 years (been playing for over 30) honestly I can't think of much gear I've stuck with for more than 5 years.
When you go demo it in a store be sure to plug it up to a cab that has decent speakers in it. The Celestion 70/80 it comes with sounds like total shit in a band setting/at volume. That speaker doesn't really let any amp sound like it should. It's a very good amp with a not so good speaker.
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An older DSL50 or DSL100 would be much better. Also a Krank 1980 would do well for you. Very Marshall-esque.

Also, tubes usually last for at least a couple years, often longer. Sometimes much, much longer. They're fairly unpredictable.
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