I own a Korean made B.C. Rich Mockingbird STQ with a uni-matic or quad bridge. Wammiworld's FAQ's tell me that I should choose a TOM/ stud-mount model. However, many of the vintage Mockingbirds from the 80's have Kahler bridges that look like flat-mounts. These Kahlers in the pictures look similar to the 2300/7300 series bridges being sold right now. So the question is would one of these fit on my Mockingbird STQ?


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Wammi-world sent me an e-mail and said that I should purchase a TOM/Stud model. They said that if I had a flat-mount the stud holes would be outside of the footprint and that I would need stacker plates to raise it 1/8". My guess is the 80's Kahlers in the examples have bigger widths and saddle heights. Could someone maybe confirm this? It seems odd that many vintage 'Birds don't have the stud mount Kahlers.
Kahler's 2200 sounds like what you need:

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I purchased a 7316 TOM model as the flat mount plate would not cover the current TOM stud holes. The width between the stud holes is 3.51in and the flat mount plate is only 3.43in wide.