I've been looking for a certain guitar tone for a while now but I can't seem to land on it. I've had a couple different stratocasters, and I really dislike my current one (Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster) so i'm getting rid of it. Seems to me like my least favorite of the strats i've owned. Not a bad guitar, just not what I want to sound like. Closest i've had to what i've wanted is a Mexican strat I had a couple years ago (recorded with it and was satisfied with the sound).

What i'm looking for is a sort of noisy, transparent, touch-responsive, "sharp" sound that I don't know how to describe that well. It's sorta tinny or... "shinky". Something that would be more heavily overdriven rather than distorted. My current guitar set up is the VM Squier and a Marshall DSL 401 combo and with these two, I can't help but hate how it just ends up with a metal-ish edge rather than that sound that I want. Here are some examples of what i'm looking for. Any advice?


Nope, the Marshall's the first real amp i've owned. But both of these two guitarists seem to be using Marshall so I figured it might not entirely be the amp but the guitar that's not helping.
have you thought out looking for a LP (gibson, epiphone, agile has some as well, as well as another thousand more
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well one thing i've concluded is that this is a single-coil tone i'm after. Plus, Fenders are what i've been drawn to in general
Jon Martin in Kong seems to be using an alternative tuning- possibly with heavier strings- and POSSIBLY higher-output singlecoils. The guitarist in the second vid is using P90s. So, a pickup swap might be in order.

You might also want to look at Stratclones and Superstrats with higher-output pickups. This guy has a few of these Godin Velocity guitars:

Or possibly non-Stratclones like this Reverend Daredevil 290 or Charger 290:

(Side note: Reverends all come with a Bass Contour knob that works the lower notes like the Tone control does the higher ones- could be handy for seeeking your sound.)

I'm also thinking...their rigs are probably pretty simple:

OD pedal, maybe OD/Dist, but with distortion being used at minimal settings to season the sound. Ditto a little fuzz and reverb. Just enough to alter things up a bit.
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