Hi guys!

Would love your feedback on one of the songs we are working on. Im still working on the mix. Will do a bit of drum replacement for a bit more drum presence, as well as a bit of work for adding precense on the vocals.

That said, what do you guys think the recording sound quality overall. Composition, guitar, bass and voice tones and more.

Link to the song

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Well-produced, but I think the acoustic could use a wider area used to give those vocals in the beginning more space and presence. Vocals are sung quite well, but could use a bit of reverb backing them for effect (if there is already reverb over them, it's not noticeable). The drums are great so far (especially that build up right before the guitars kick in), except for the fact they sound a bit too sharp (soundwise) and raw to me. You did mention you're still working on that, so i'm sure you'll fix and smooth them out more. The bass is well-played, but whasn't too present imo; maybe the guitars/mix in general overpower it? Guitars have a good tone, but they could use a bit more low/mids in the sound. They sound a tad too high in treble. Nice structure; the song packs one hell of a punch as is. The guitar solo is sloppy. I just now noticed that. Maybe a bit less shred and a bit more melody? A few notes near the end seemed a bit off to me.

It's an awesome song with a ton of potential. Reminds me of early Evanescence in a way. I definitely look forward to hearing how the completed version turns out!