hey guys! Just picked up a Schecter diamond series hellraiser with an MXR dimebag distortion and a zakk wylde phase for 400 bucks! i think i did pretty well, but in doing some research, i cannot find ANY with the same inlay pattern on the neck? Could this be a custom job? Has anyone seen this before? any info would be apprecited! And btw, it plays amazingly...especially when youve been used to playing low quality instruments your whole life : P

Don't recognize that specific one, although I'm not well-versed in Schecters. I do know they've done a lot of different inlay patterns over the years, so it's entirely possible that it was a normal production guitar.

Looks really cool in any case, congrats.
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I'd say grab the serial number and see if you can figure out the year of production. Then search for that years' catalog and go from there...

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That's an oddball pattern, to be sure. But since Schecter says they do not customize any of the Diamond Series instruments, that is probably just one of the many patterns they have used and discontinued over the years.
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They also do special builds like the C-1 XXX that I have with the stripper inlays. Could be some one store only deal.