I am planning to buy an acoustic (i play a Fender bullet strat electric right now). Here are my options:

1. Takamine G340SC with cutaway
2. Seagull s6
3. Yamaha FG730s

I tried Takamine and it sounded beautiful. Warm and rich sound. I would be using the acoustic for a lot of fingerpicking. And I felt the Takamine fits in beautifully with the cut. I am yet to try the other two. The Yamaha is a bit hard to get hold of here in India but I might be able to find it at some store.
Also, with or without cut? I am in a dilemma here.

I usually jam at home with a couple of friends. Nothing big.
Any other guitar model suggestion is also welcome.

p.s. not a lot of options available here in India.
go with the one that you DO know. you loved the Tak, go with it. i've owned the other 2 and liked them both but, have little experience with the Taks.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
i agree with stepchildusmc - go with the guitar you already know you love. i usually recommend the S6, but in this case you know you love the sound of the tak, and also the original S6 has a wider neck than some guitars (i love that wider neck, btw), so if you were considering it, i'd suggest you either try it and make sure the neck works for you or get the S6 slim, which has the more standard 1 11/16" nut.
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Okay. I have contacted a few stores and s6 is not in stock and they are not expecting it too anytime soon. However, they can get the Yamaha for me but I can't play it before buying.