I think it's a slicer.
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Quote by Linkerman
I think it's a slicer.

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Delay and killswitch?
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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Toggle switch possibly. If you have two volumes.
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first time hearing that band, awesome stuff...reminds a lot of Useless Id
sounds like moving the toggle switch back and forth for a stutter effect and playing 2 note octaves up and down the neck. Not at all difficult but still sounds cool.

heres a video of them playing it live and eh... they sample it. Very disappointing as it seems easy enough to just do it yourself. Especially if you wrote the freaking thing.

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A couple ways you could do it. You could add a cutoff switch to your guitar. If you have a guitar with 2 volumes, turn one all the way down and hit the pickup selector up and down. If you have a square wave length tremelo you could use that