For sale is an ibanez 1550 with upgraded pickups for sale.

The bridge pickup has been upgraded to a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker, and the neck to a Seymour Duncan jazz. Cost me around 100 pounds each a few years ago. The guitar was originally 800 pounds, so ive spent around 1000 on it. The pickups are also coil tapped, this has resulted in the volume pot not being flush with the body, shown in pics. This massively increases the amount of sounds that can be produced with this guitar.

Sounds amazing, and excellent to play, especially with the thin neck and low action, plays like a dream. Very versatile instrument, I play everything and I've yet to find anything it cannot handle. Some good reviews online about it.

The edges are a little worse for wear. This is shown in the photos. The neck is all perfect, as well as the electronics, tuners and trem etc. Ive put on a fresh set of 10's.

Currently the trem is blocked with a bit of wood, because I never use it. This can be undone extremely easily and I can do it before you come and try it out if you want. If youre not bothered about me unblocking then ill give you a set of springs so it can be undone.

I would keep it but I'm saving up for another guitar. I can guarantee that the first person to come try it out will buy.

Comes with a generic hard case.

Collection preferred but can travel if willing to pay travel money.

Any questions then ask away. Ive got plenty of pictures, also at much higher quality than the ones uploaded, so if you want them then let me know and I can email them

400 pounds or near offers. Also interested in guitar trades and swaps
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