Hey UG.
Lately the soundtrack "Let It Go" from Frozen haas become very popular, and I saw a guy named Caleb Hyles do a male-cover of the song in the original key.
Here is the link:
His cover is phenomenal! Check it out!
I got inspired and wanted to do a cover of my own. So please take a listen

Any feedback is appreciated!

Best regards
Cool! I've been considering trying my hand at doing a cover of this song in the original key too.
Caleb's version is really great!
Yours is very good too, you made a little vocal harmony at one point that reminded me very much of Ayreon. You just seem to suffer a little on the high notes at the end. I'm guessing you are a baritone, like me? Cause that's the region where I'd suffer a little. But it is very good, seems like you are on a great track!
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a bit breathy, and you have a bad habit of singing r's at the end of words incorrectly (they should be an unvoiced consonant, for example when you say more it should come out as something like "mo-ah" with a very slight R.

Your upper range is occasionally really flat, but always pinched and strained. I feel like it has the potential to sound really good, you just need to work on opening it up. You also tend to be flat when you drop back down to your lower register, but then correct yourself. That said, I really enjoyed it. good work
Thanks for the feedback.
Yes, I'm a baritone which is why consistently hitting Eb5s are difficult, like they would be for most male singers.
It's funny that you picked up on the one harmony MrKeka, and even more so that it reminds you of Ayreon, since I really like Ayreon. However, it somehow reminded me of Michael Jackson ^^

The breathy parts are on purpose, because I wanted some dynamic in my singing. English is not my mother tongue, which is probably why I struggle with some words. It's very informative though, I will keep it in mind. Can you link an audio-file or song where it is done correctly? It would be easier for me.

As for my upper-range, I'm aware that for instance last "past" in "past is in the past" is really flat, but somehow I liked the sound of it and therefore didn't replace it.
I don't feel like my high notes are strained at all, and singing this song left me no hoarseness or discomfort at all. I do have a habit of twanging a bit when singing high-notes, which is basically a habit I've gotten from singing rock/metal. Myles Kennedy who is one of my bigger inspirations does it quite a lot. I can sing in this register consistently, although it's not my comfort-zone.
Pitching is definitely my weakness. I have been working hard to get where I am right now, with ear-training etc. More often than not I can hear that I'm off, but I can't seem to execute it.
Practicing the phrase seems to help (practice; singing it many times, listening to the original etc), and then after a while it seems to get better.
Anything else that works for you, that I could try if I can't seem to get it right?
Well, I'm a big Ayreon fan too, your singing style plus that harmony made me think of it immediately. But now that you said, it could be interpreted a bit as Michael.

As for the English, my girlfriend is an English teacher, I think she has some good links for pronunciation videos on YouTube, if you want, I could ask her for some links.

As for your upper register, I'd said it's more tight, than strained. I think I understand what Tyson means, cause I suffer from the same thing in that register.

I'm gonna try and record myself singing this song tonight, would it be ok by you if I posted it here, so we can exchange feedbacks?
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The Byzantine scale was useful until the Ottoman scale came around and totally annihilated it.
Yeah. I'm definitely no David Phelps up there hitting those notes in the fifth octave, but thats alright because we all have our boundaries.
And please go ahead post a cover, that would be awesome