Hello everyone.

OK, I have 2 amp choices. Either a Vox AC4 or a JCA 30 combo.Which ones do you guys think would be better suited to 80's tones. Think Van Halen meets Guns N'Roses.

Would the Vox be able to be heard over a drummer when mic'ed? Or is it simply too small? Venues include small bars to slightly larger bars.

Used is fine.

I'm changing my whole rig from practice to gigging. So soon to be gear is

Ibanez RG/S
JOYO Vintage OD, Phaser and 6 band EQ

Any recommendations are welcome. Try to keep it under $1000. >$700 would be even better. Thanks.
Everything will be loud enough when mic'd up and played through a decent PA system.
Then, for that kinda stuff, jet city any day.

But Jet city doesn't make any 30w amps
so is that a jet city 20/50w or an ac30?
Well all of them will be better than the ac4 for that matter.

For that kinda money can't you find yourself a marshall DSL?
I think that would do just fine.
Then there's the Jet City which kicks ass, and for that money you may get a 2x12/4x12 cab together with a JCA head if you like the idea.

Then there's the new bugera v22 infinium which would be pretty good together with a boost, plus it's dirt cheap.
Just be sure you get the infinium version, the standard one is fine too but it may give you more expenses in power tubes.
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My bad. I always thought they made 30 watt combos. There's a Bugera in a local shop. Marshall is a bit further. I will probably try them out on the weekend.
Take the DSL if you want 80's tones.
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yeah as said, jet city doesn't make a 30 watt combo. either 20 or 50 watts. just be careful with jet city as they have lower and higher gain models, and you'd want the higher gain models for what you want (the 1x12 50 watt combo or the jca22 combo). But yeah they'd be far superior for what you want than the ac4 which is aimed at vintage low gain tones.
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50 watt Jet City and and the DSL are both great options. Also take a look at the Krank 1980, underrated amps.

Also, I don't care for the Bugera at all. I gave it another shot this weekend on a trip to Sam Ash, and I just really couldn't find any setting that wasn't lifeless mud.
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