Hey, as of what I see sliding ALL along the neck from open string to a fret or from a fret to open is quite important for playing classic rock etc.

What I'm missing is that when I try to slide all along the neck I either get too defined slide sound. It doesnt really sound Awful but it just doesnt fit into the song. I hope you get what I mean. It just stands out alot.

If I try to do the slide with using less strength then I get the actual slide sound. squeaky metal sound which is not how its supposed to sound...

A simple example of what I want to achieve can be seen here; at riff and verse Vaughan also uses alot of those slides I believe. They get a soft yet full sound
You have to find that middle ground. Try taking your thumb away from the neck when sliding.
It's hard to describe how to do it. I had to actually think about how I do it, there for a second.
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