Howdy, I've having trouble notating a tapping piece, it sounds fine in 3/4 but song it's going into is 4/4 and I'd rather not have a change in time signature in the middle of the song (I know it's not much of a setback but I'm curious too.)

I'm using powertab because it's free and I can input the tab quicker than I could notation; it's what I'm using to play it back too.

In both cases the high melody is a quarter of the bar and the low melody is a thirdy, the high melody is 120 bpm in both cases.

Am I missing something obvious?
Looks fine to me. However, in the first 4 measures, you should re-notate it a bit so it's easier to see where the beats land in the top voice.

I'd go with the bottom notation.
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