Anyone done this with success (or failure?!).

They seem to have a good price on an Ibanez G500, but I'm a bit wary of purchasing from abroad.
Thomann is probably one of the best, if not the best, site you'll be able to order from that is across europe. Note that i don't live in the UK, i live in sweden, but i have purchased well over 30 items ranging from instruments to amps to accessories from them, and never have i had a failed order.

The only order that didn't work out for me was when i ordered my Schecter Hellraiser many years back, it came to me with a huge dent in the side. So i took pictured of it and sent it to thomann and they said that they would send me a new one if i sent that one back, so i did, and indeed i got a new guitar with no damages, without additional cost.

Bottomline: Thomann is great. Some of the stuff their is pricier than other places, but much of it is stock price or cheaper than other places. They have good customer support aswell, shouldn't be a problem.
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yea ive ordered to the uk a few times and I've never had any problems whatsoever. delivery was surprisingly quick too.
I've used them, delivery to Australia. They were fine.
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I've bought an e-drum kit, a guitar and numerous pedals from them. All arrived to sweden within a few days and were well packaged and in perfect condition. I have no hesitation in ordering from them.
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Anyone done this with success (or failure?!).

They seem to have a good price on an Ibanez G500, but I'm a bit wary of purchasing from abroad.

Aside from agreeing with the other guys that buying from Thomann from the UK is easy & reliable, it's worth noting that while being wary of purchasing from overseas is understandable, Thomann are based in Germany which is within the EU.

It's all about the import taxes. If you purchase from within the EU, there is no import tax so the price you pay at checkout while ordering is the final amount you'll pay.

If you were to purchase something from America or elsewhere, it is usually added on arrival in the UK, and that means you don't know how much you'll really pay until the courier charges you the tax. You think you've had a bargain at the checkout when you order it, but then once you pay the taxes which are rarely specified upfront you realise it's cost more than paying UK prices.
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Well, I think I'm going to go for it. Thanks for the confidence-boosting replies, everyone.

I live in Denmark, so my experience might be biased since the orders do not have to go overseas. However, I can definitely recommend Thomann. I've tried ordering from other places in the UK and elsewhere, and the service could NEVER match the one at Thomann.
I've had a struggle getting some money returned from Andertons.co.uk and now they've stopped answering my mails. With Thomann, they are the ones contacting me if I'm busy and forget to reply in time.
They are also more than willing to pay for the shipment if something is broken, and you've got to send it back. Just send them an email and explain the situation.
Thomann is pretty good, yeah. I've bought from them a bunch of times.

It's worth pointing out that if you merely don't like the thing, you'll probably have to pay return postage (which is likely to be prohibitively expensive). But if there's something wrong with it (i.e. faulty) Thomann should cover return postage.
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Well, I've made the order now, so am looking forward to receiving the goodies!
Another swede with nothing but the best too say about Thomanns......if there are any issues it will not be because of thomann but something within the UK......and then thomann will make sure to fix it so your a Happy customer!!
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Thomann are awesome. They also do VERY cheap guitar strings, Harley Benton Value if I remember correctly, they're not the best strings in the world (for obvious reasons lol) but they're about 70p per set. You'll need to change them after a week or two but at that ridiculous price it really isn't a problem.
Well, it's arrived! Fantastic is all I can say - super quick delivery, everything there, and superbly packed.

Can't say more than that.

EXCEPT>>> I bought a Boss tuner for this, as I reckoned I'd need one sooner or later. Anyway, got my head around this, and figured that the first thing I needed to do was indeed to tune the guitar - I've done that (I think!).

I'd better start playing around with it I suppose. The guitar, that is.