Hello. In the last three days i have recorded, mixed, equalized, compressed and mastered my first ever song (although i really think the mastering didn't help the song). I would like some feedback or opinions on what i could do better next time =) Also, it has a shitty intro so keep listening after that ;P

Soundcloud link:
Cool jam. Not bad for your first go. Overall mix isn't too bad. When the lead comes in it's a bit too loud compared to everything else. It also sounds a bit dry and sterile at times. One thing I like to do is double track with complementary tones and pan them L/R. You also don't need as much gain as you might think, even for metal.

One technique I like to use is to listen to a professionally done track in the genre of what I'm working on and try to compare the mixes. It's very helpful to hear where you might be lacking.

Overall good work, keep it up! If you're down for C4C here is my most recent thread. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1634994
Rhythm guitar playing better than the lead. Leads mixed too loud, and 'honky'. Needs to blend better tone and volume wise.