So the tax season is upon the US. Hooray.

With my refund, I was thinking about building a kit from Carvin.

I have recently purchased a guitar from them and love it. I wish to record and I don't have a bass guitar. I have built a few things in the past, and having a kit is nice because everything is included, just minor soldering required.

Has anyone built one? I was planning a 4-string, all walnut bass.
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They are very, very good. All you need is to apply a finish to the body (and to the neck, if you want). Carvin stuff is first-rate. I have encountered a few of their kit-built instruments. You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.
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I put together a bolt kit awhile back. Cost around 500 bucks and all the hardware is very good. Gotoh brass bridge/saddles, Sperzel USA locking tuners, ebony board. Love this guitar. It cured my gas for a hardtail strat.

Yea wow. That looks and sounds good.

Thanks for the info.

What sites are people on UG using nowadays to upload their pics? Its been a while for me...