THREAD UPDATED WITH NEW VERSION (Old version still herein for reference)
Hi guys!

Would love your feedback on one of the songs we are working on. Im still working on the mix. Will do a bit of drum replacement for a bit more drum presence, as well as a bit of work for adding precense on the vocals.

That said, what do you guys think the recording sound quality overall. Composition, guitar, bass and voice tones and more.

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Very cool, I wasn't expecting it to get so heavy when it did! Haha. Mix is pretty good, I think the Vox could even come down a little bit, maybe have her double track on the 'big' parts to add some more power to it, rather than just volume. Like you said already the drums need to be a bit punchier, they get somewhat buried at parts. Overall good work though!

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I thought it sounded really good, aside from the things already noted. The only thing that I thought was out of place was that when the electric guitar comes in, it seems to change tempo or something. But other than that, I really liked the song! Also, I have nothing so no need to C4C.
I have a new version of the same song above. Please let me know your thoughts. I updated the drums, and redid the whole mix with a more reductive approach first. Gave me tons of extra headroom. I am still finding a way to give them snares more 'size'. Let me know what guys think.

C4C still applies
I actually prefer the first version of the song you posted in some respects, most notably the intro; it sounds worse in the newer version in my opinion.

The distorted section straight after the intro was unexpected to say the least - maybe telegraph that in the intro with some underlying drum build up or maybe guitar chords strummed and left to feedback?

I do think that the vocals are very nicely done but they are probably a bit too high in the mix for my liking, the dynamics of the drums are a bit lost underneath them. However the vocalist has done a great job and sounds excellent.

Overall it's a good track, enjoyed that!

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