There is a short delay from when I strum and when the sound comes out, I think that's what latency is? Anyway is that due to a slow computer or bad interface or what? I am new to all this recording and getting a little frustrated and discouraged with it.

I am using a presonus audiobox USB with Reaper as my DAW and loading some VST plugins I found on this site.
Yes a sound driver dedicated, exclusively, to the DAW u'r using such as ASIO4all or if u have windows 7 WaveRT is needed. Also just one soundcard, the one u need for the device, active. I would imagine also that using a large number of vst plugins would tend to slow things down.
probably is that but go to option inside reaper and choose the audio interface
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Presonus provide ASIO drivers so look up their manual for latency adjustment. Mine is adjusted via the Presonus software/driver control in the systems tray. Look into Reaper latency adjustment as well.

Another thing you have on this interface is the "Mixer" fader which when all the way to the left (at 0) provides latency free input monitoring. You might have to disable pass-through monitoring in your DAW to reap the full benefits. Settings for that depend on your software.
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