Hey guys,

I was watching this guitar cover on youtube and became very facsinated by this guitar technique that sounds very much like a whammy but....there's no whammy... hahahah.

Can anyone help me out? I'd love to be able to do this?


2:35 - 2:52.

Thank you!
You're pretty much spot on, it's the exact same effect as using a whammy bar.

The difference is that he's just manipulating the bridge with his hand, rather than a whammy bar.
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what Carl said. He's just pushing / pulling / the bridge with his hand instead of using a whammy bar.

If the reason you're interested in that is because you DON'T have a floating bridge, then you can press on the guitar strings past the nut (in the headstock) to raise pitch - though this might mess up your tuning.

Also, pushing against the guitar neck does a "whammy" effect but I think that's probably bad for your guitar, so I'd avoid doing that.