Thanks to that thread for making the mod super easy.

I just bought a Fernandes with EMG 81/60 pickups. This is my first axe with active pickups, and while I did like the sound of the EMG's, I also saw weak side of these pickups. They did have a hollow/cold side to the overall sound, just not organic like passive pickups. They did sound good with gain however, and they really let the pinch harmonics squeal.

The 18v mod definitely takes care of the weaknesses, and sound was just improved overall. All out distortion was meaner than before, but individual notes were still very defined. Sounded very good clean as well. This mod should be mandatory for anyone with these pickups.

The work with the wiring was extremely easy, and I hate messing with wires. No major mods to the guitar. I removed the stock battery holder, and was able to fit both batteries plus the additional wires/connections into that space. I'll just have to make a custom cover for the hole, currently I have the batteries held in with duct tape.
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