I want to learn how to fingerpick songs that do not originally have a guitar in them (most pop songs). I learned how to play 'Dust in the Wind' so I know a little bit about Travis Picking. I would appreciate it if you could suggest a few more styles that are not too complicated for a beginner like me. Thanks.
Most songs do have a distinguishable rhythm pattern which can be applied to a guitar. I don't know as everything you hear is going to lend itself to the subtleties of finger style guitar.

If you're talking about working the melodies into the picking pattern, and not singing them, a "big fake book of pop songs", collection might get you started. (Those type books generally have the lead melody, and chord changes written down, but not too much more).

(For Example, Garth Brooks did a bit of Billy Joel's, "Piano Man" on TV the other night. Did a pretty good job too. But with a pick....

If you want stuff to try playing along with, Lindsey Buckingham, with Fleetwood Mac, and Mark Knopfler, with Dire Straits, rarely, if ever, use a pick.
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I'd say learn a simple chord versions of the song, There is a lot of content online. Lessons of songs on guitar, that usually don't have a guitar in them. from there you can figure out the finger picking pattern you want to use.
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I'm mainly an acoustic player and I fingerpick probably 90%+.

I do acoustic versions of several "pop" songs. Firstly I never try to replicate the original - I almost always change the tempo, often the key and usually the vocal style. I work all this around a picking pattern that I think "lends" itself to the original, although I don't worry too much about preserving any particular aspect of it.

In effect I re-interpret the song:"Do your own thing" essentially - best advice I can give.
Thanks for the responses guys! I think composition is key and it's all about what I want it to sound like!