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get a SH-4 Humbucker for my 96 Mexican strat
1 17%
OR get a new speaker for Peavey VK-112 amp
5 83%
Voters: 6.
Should I get a SH-4 Humbucker for my 96 Mexican strat, or replace the stock speaker in my Peavey VK-112 amp? Idk what speaker I should get, I like hard rock (Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters etc.) My budget is $70 if you think I should get a new speaker. Thanks. Edit: Pickup would go in bridge position.
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This so much. So much.

So much.
It's like taking the 4 banger 80 horsepower crap engine out of a smartcar and putting a 500 horse V-8 in there.

A new pickup wont do anything for you unless you have clarity to even hear it. I've owned my Valveking 112 for 6 years I think, this is the biggest mod you can do to it short of replacing the choke and transformer as far as I know.
Yeah, sorry, Vetren 30, it's similar to a Celscition( however it's spelled) Vintage 30...just better.

Depends on how you want your sound. The Vetren 30 is better for cleans and mid to high range clarity. The Emenice Man O war is good for more modern metal sounds.
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8 or 16 ohms?

The same as the previous speaker. It will be written on the back.

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