I would like to record myself playing a song through an amp with a camcorder. I want to play a metronome in the background so that I can stay in time and so that there is a beat of some sort. However, the song has a tempo change. I'm sure I'll be able to figure out how to "tap" the metronome to the right tempo. But what am I supposed to do for the tempo change. It's not like I can just stop playing in the middle of the song and reprogram the think. Thanks for the tips.

Also, any metronome suggestions? I was hoping to stay under $60 or so. I will also need something loud enough to be heard. Thanks again.
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Use a DAW to record and play the click track, and automate the tempo.

Are you saying to make a click track in home studio software? I am a newbie and I don't understand some of the jargon used on here.

Also, are you saying that I can't program a regular click metronome to change tempo? That I have to turn the dial or press the up/down buttons every time I want to change tempo?
Depends on how many tempo changes...

If it is nothing too involved like say 3-4 you can probably record all your metronome in audio into a simple audio recording program like say Audacity and then just merge the files in the edit window by dragging it in the right spot.

Maybe Audacity even support the metronome function according to their forum but not sure about thempo changes.

You can also edit your video at stoppage points.

You can also do it more involved by mapping it out in something like Reaper/Cubase/etc...