Just my acoustic, cajon, and a friend's voice.

Originally an Across Oceans (my acoustic project's) song. We've been on hiatus for almost 2 entire years now, and I miss it dearly. I've always loved collaborating with other artists, so I thought up the idea of re-recording this song and having a guest singer/friend of mine give it a go. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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Any feedback/criticism is welcomed and encouraged! C4C as always!
Thank you very much for your time and please enjoy!

My current setup:
Live acoustic/cajon > Blue Yeti Mic > Reaper > mix/master in FL Studio.
Kelsey actually recorded her parts via iPhone and sent them over.
From a songwriting standpoint, I really like this. The arrangement with the acoustic guitar is great. And the tone is lovely as well.
She has a really good voice. I thought that at times, the 's' sounds in her vocals were a little harsh for my ears, so from a production standpoint, that might be something to improve upon. But it could also just be me. Nice lyrics, as well.

Overall, I really like this. I could hear this being in a movie or something. Keep up the good work!
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Guitar audio/playing/riffs sound very good. Most of the time the singer's voice sounds really good, though at around 0:50 to 0:53 she sounds flat to me, though perhaps she is singing those notes on purpose? Nice song. Perhaps you could review a tune of mine that you have not reviewed yet.
Thanks for your thorough crit of my song. Yeah, not really my favorite genre but the song was pretty relaxing and overall sounded good. The vocals in the first verse were a bit out of tune at some parts but otherwise sounded pretty good. I only noticed the cajon drum in the end so it could have been a bit louder. I actually think the song could have benefited from a real drum kit, at least in the end. The song could have grown a bit more towards the end and a drum kit could have helped it (and maybe also some other instruments).
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As the song progresses it gets better and better. Early on, there are some inaccuracies with the timing and like others pointed out the vocals kind of falter (in an unpleasant way). On the whole, I like the idea of the production. The heavy reverb wash is nice. It's something I love utilizing in my own music, though I find it doesn't seem to be particularly accessible. I guess a lot of people are not a fan of really wet sounding and atmospheric music.

On that note, I might turn down the reverb a little bit. To some ears, it would no doubt come across as muddy sounding at times. Though, I do like the bright acoustic guitar tone overall. Sounds very fluid. Also, look over the track for syncopation issues. Also note I'm listening in studio headphones, so I'm picking up on the hard panning of the acoustic guitars. At times, namely around 35 seconds in and forward for a little while I hear a lead in the right ear and strumming in the left, but I'd rather hear the lead centered and strummed guitars double taked to the left and right for fullness. Otherwise it just sounds thin like it does now.

Overall though, not bad at all! Quite enjoyed it!

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@Usernames Sucks:
The instrumentation is mine. My friend Kelsey is singing. I'm still trying to learn about production and how everything comes together. Someday i'd like to help produce other people's music and such once I get a better handle on things.

Thank you! The 's' doesn't sound harsh to me at all, but i'll look into it and try toning any harshness down in future material. Her vocals were recorded from an iPhone, so that may have something to do with it. I worked with what I had. I'm glad you enjoyed the composition!

I've actually been planning a full version of this song someday. If Across Oceans ever picks up again, this will surely be looked upon. And I noticed the cajon is more present at the end, because the 2nd guitar drops out. Did my best making it more noticeable during the whole track. Thank you for the crit!

I didn't even think to listen to it through my studio headphones, though I did mix through earphones, headphones, and speakers. Thank you for your critique!

I'll review everyone who requested C4C shortly!
Thanks for listening!
Hello H.H

Checked out your other song as well (see thread) and also have a listen to this. In terms of the guitar playing and as an actual songwriting arrangement I think it works really well. I did think a couple of the vocal lines were out of tune (I'm not one to talk mind you haha) but when I read it was recorded on an iPhone, I think it's a really good job.

I'd maybe re-do the vocals at a later date and again I can easily see this being on a soundtrack. It has very clean production otherwise and, along with the other track the two of them sound as if it should be on the same release if that makes sense? Hopefully it does.

Keep up the good work