I have the chance to get either one for similar prices, which would you choose? I know one is 6 string and one is 7 string but im having a tough time deciding D:

Well it's kinda your decision more than ours, you know.
You just gotta think about it and maybe go into a music store and try some 6sting vs some 7string guitars and see what you like best.
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Well do you play a lot of music involving 7 string guitars? If not, I prefer LTDs to Schecter as a general thing, but even still you may not.
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I do play 7 strings songs, yes. But they also have a 6 string version. Has anyone had experience with the Loomis? I cant seem to find so many reviews on it.
Well if you play a lot of 7 string songs, I would get the 7 string Loomis. I've played the Loomis guitars (all of them) and they are solid, everything is quality on them. I prefer LTD necks, the shape and size are more comfortable for me, but Schecters are still quality. I would still try to play then to decide preferences, but I'd go Loomis 7.
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.