Hey guys,
I'm new to guitar , and my main goal is to make covers
to song that I like, on acoustic guitar and sing along. I can play couple of chords and strumming patterns..don't realy know how to sing..
I don't aim to become a professional guitarist or something, just to play for fun and friends. So my question is what should I focus on to achieve my goal,
and if you have links to info I can use to learn and improve.

Honestly not much. You can easily get by by learning all the open chords and getting a capo for transposing songs, and learning new chord shapes as they come.

That would probably be the bare minimum.

If at any point you do want to go deeper (which I highly recommend), well... the guitar ain't going anywhere.

EDIT: Oh and this thread is most likely in the wrong forum. You're probably gonna get a lot of troll responses because of it.
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you should practice....playing acoustic guitar and singing? seems kind of obvious. just learn the songs you want to cover and practice singing while playing them...slowly at first.
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Dragon force songs would be the best place to start for covers
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Make a setlist of songs you want to learn. A few will do the work.

Try to actually learn the song, first the guitar part and then the lyrics (or the other way around, it doesn't matter).

And that's pretty much it.

In they way you're going to discover some chords, some songs have different chords so you would be learning while your doing the songs you like.

this is if you just want to that. If you want to go deeper, learn theory or more advanced stuffs, that's another story.
you should practice making acoustic covers of songs
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