In the first 4 bars there's a sweeping pattern that I don't know how to do? (i can barely sweep anyway still in the beginner stages of it but this may be something I use to practice at very slow tempo)

it's fine up until the bit on high e where it says you're still sweeping but on the same string??

Please respond.
Tapping? That would be pretty impossible to play with only one fretting hand.
I think I know what's going on here: you think it's still sweeping because of the 'S's above the tab right?

That's nothing to do with technique, that indicates that those are 16th notes. In terms of technique what's going on there is sweeping until it gets to the top string then there's some legato including two finger tapping. It doesn't have an independent name because there's not much point, outside of shred it's such a rare thing it doesn't matter. Closest I've seen to an actual name is sweep-tapping but that's literally just the two put next to each other

Also: that video is not playing it the same way as the tab you have there.

Edit: now that I think about it I think this part:


Might be a really stretched lick with a single tapped note thus:

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