Hey I am pretty new so I hope I am doing this right, but me and my friend are looking for a drummer for a band to play small venues, we have a guitar amp and my friend asked me if he bought the bass if I could buy the amp. The problem is I am stretching my budget to even get to the $200 mark and I need a guitar amp. So my questions are what do you guys think about going for the Peavey Vypyr VIP 2(40 Watts) which says it can run both or buying a bass amp(I think guitar center has a Peavey MAX 110 II 1x10 100Watts bass combo amp for $200)and running my electric guitar though it? I like blues rock, think clapton and hendrix style tones using a tele. Sorry for the long post and thanks for any replies.
I have the VIP-3.

100W is not enough power for a bass to cut through in a band situation. 40W will be even more useless.

What gear do you have already?

$200 is simply not enough to work with to get a giggable rig for guitar and bass.

You can get used VIP-3s for $200 though. It will at least be better than the VIP-2.

Unless that is the absolute limit of your budget, I strongly suggest getting as big of a powered monitor as you can find, and a modeling unit like a Line 6 POD.

I have an Electro-Voice ZLX15P that I got used for $350. You can get Line 6 POD X3s and POD HD300s for around $200.

If you have a PA of some sort you can use, you can just get the POD.
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My Fender BXR is only 60 watts, and I have used it at many different practice situations for a decade. I even use it for gigs. Cuts through just fine. It does have a 12 inch speaker, so it's moving more air than a 10 inch.
Do you guys have a PA yet? Get a DI box for the bass instead of an amp. Or POD like Offworld says.
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I started out playing bass through a Bass Pod XT (I think I paid between $60 and $80 for it, used). From there out to the PA.

You need power for bass (I'd suggest 300-400W minimum solid state), and you need full range speakers that can handle it without farting out. Dirty little secret speaker cab: Carvin LS 1503. www.carvinguitars.com/products/LS1503, around $299. Single 15" LF driver, 6" mids, 1" HF driver.

Dirtier little secret -- have the band buy two and put them on speaker stands as the PA. Run them with a small mixer and a 1500W solid state power amp. Run your Bass Pod XT into the mixer, job done. Just keep the drummer out of the vocal mikes.
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