Hey there,

I recently sent in my first tabbed song to ultimate-guitar.com. I noticed after a couple weeks that I had the bass line differently than the original song. I have now made a correction on my own personal file and would like to resend the file with the newly added bass line in it(which is now correct). How do I go about doing that, or can I fix the problem myself through my own personal profile on here? Someone please help me out, would be greatly appreciated.


Easy fix!
Go to your profile (the link in the right hand corner that says Profile, NOT your name).
Under User Menu, click the link that says My Contributions.
There, you should see a list of past and pending submissions. Next to pending tabs, there should be an [edit] link. Click on that, update, and you're done.
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Thanks a lot! Life saver, man!

Look for more of my tabs to be uploaded bi-weekly or monthly! If I need anything else I will post again in here!