Soooo, about a month ago i started vocal lessons. The resoults are already visible and its actually fun. But. When i started i started hurting in my abdominal area. I figured its because i wasn't used to supporting, but after the last lesson last week, it hurt more than normal. It hurt a lot.
The pain has since (this happend last thursday btw) lessned, but i feel constant discomfort in my low abdominal area, mainly, well, just a bit above and right of my balls :/
Sometimes it hurts a bit, sometimes there is a tingly feeling, i always feel some sort of pressure, and it isnt going away, its a pretty constant feeling. I had this feeling lots of times before, but it was never like this, and it always went away after a while. I havent practiced since this started, so its not like im putting continuous strain on it.

Now i know, i should go to a doctor. I have an appointment on thursday. I'm just wondering if anyone felt like that. My biggest fear is that its hernia, since its pretty similar to what my dad felt when he was diagnosed with it. If thats the case, i guess ill need surgery and then god knows when i can get back to singing normaly... So, anyone have similar experience?
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You should relax your support muscles when you inhale, do you do that? Because constant tension will cause damage on your muscles.
As far as i know, i do that. My teacher is very strict with all this breathing stuff. And she has no idea what it could be.
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Edit- I finished reading the last paragraph...my bad lol
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It's basicly when your abdominal lining ruptures, and your small intestines are kinda squezzed out of their place, against the skin. Its usually brought on by straining the abdominal muscles, like lifting heavy burdens and stuff like that, if the muscles are not strong enough.

EDIT: sorry, i thought you didnt know what it is Yeah, getting it checked out soon.
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Well a little update is in order. I had a doctor's apointment, she said its probably not hernia, but sent me to a urologist because apparently i have a sensitive testicle. The urologist felt me up again, and said i have a sensitive testicle because of hernia. So now i have to go get an ultrasound and see an abdominal surgeon, and hopefully that will settle the matter of what is actually wrong with me (besides having a sensitive right testicle.

But yeah, lessons were awesome. I was even able to sing a few iron maiden songs the last time i went. We were mostly working on technical stuff like breathing, position, posture, pitch and vowel sounds. Also my instructor was really upset when i told her i might have hernia, she got all teary eyed
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Well the ultrasound showed no hernia, so that's good. But now i still don't know what's wrong with me. Yippe.

also, i have no idea why i keep updating this, since nobody really cares, but if I die, at least there is a record of things somewhere
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Well, here is the last post, at least for a while (until my guts blow out of my bellybutton or the pain goes away):

The surgeon says it could still be hernia, since apparently it only hurts when its forming. And there is nothing they can do about it except wait until it actually bursts and then they can operate. The second option is that my diaphragm is inflamed or whatever, because of strain, and that will just go away after a while.
The verdict is that i can go about my normal life as i did before, and just wait what will happen. And until something happens (hernia bursts or pain stops), im just gonna have to live with it. They gave me some pretty powerfull painkillers (they are prescription only), so yeah. Thats pretty much it. Im gonna start singing lessons again next week and see what happens.
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