Hey! Me and my college friends have decided to start a rock/punk band (it's hard to put a label on us, but I guess we're like The Wonder Years with more rock-sounding vocals), and I'm looking for a bass amp. We'll probably be playing mostly basement shows, and I don't see us playing any shows with a bigger attendance of 80-90 for a good while.

My guitar players are using a Line 6 Spider IV 75W and a Fender Frontman 25W (yeah, I don't know how the latter's going to be heard either...) and my drummer plays as hard as what you'd expect from a punk drummer.

I'm looking for the most affordable bass amp that could be heard over these guys. If it has to be at max volume to be heard and sacrifices some tone, then so be it, I'm just on a really tight budget haha. I'm trying not to spend over $150, although I might go up to $200 if I have to.

I used to have a Fender Rumble 150 that I played with a metal band, and that at about 55% volume was more than enough to keep up with the guitarists who had full head/cab setups, so I've been looking at the Fender Rumble 30 and 75, but any suggestions are welcome! Thanks for reading!