I'm looking for a replacement power supply for my Yamaha THR10 amp (lost it recently in a move and have been spending a fortune on AA batteries ever since).

I contacted Yamaha and they want ~$100 for a replacement power supply (!) Has anyone had any success using a generic power supply with a THR10, or am I stuck buying one from Yamaha? If generics work, is there anything in particular I should look for when buying one? An Amazon link would be much appreciated!

I dare say you can use a generic one but you need to be sure that the polarity is the same and the voltage is the same. far as i'm aware. and you probably don't want a supercheap unregulated one, either.

as far as i'm aware (i.e. don't quote me on that, do it at your own risk).

$100 sounds like a rip, quite frankly.
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Anybody know of one specifically that will work? I *really* don't want to spend $100 on a genuine Yamaha power supply!
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Anybody know of one specifically that will work? I *really* don't want to spend $100 on a genuine Yamaha power supply!

Older toshiba laptop power supplies are 15volts a d quality circuitry as you would expect from a branded laptop company. the o ly thing is that you would need to get the correct dc plug to fit the yamaha. I got one for mine but struggled to get a quality dc plug ..The one I bought from Maplin wasnt great but did work.I got it from ebay for about £10.00.....
According to Yamaha's website, it comes with either: EADP-38EB A adapter or UIB345-1530 adapter. You might try a search for those.

Apparently the UIB345 power supply is a rebranded one of these:

So you're looking at 15 volts and up to 3 amps for output (more detailed specs in the PDF on that page). Anything that fits the plug and provides that voltage and at least 3 amps (more is fine, amp will only pull what it needs) should be functional. YES, check the polarity. But $100 for an adapter is absurd.
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