Does anyone own one of these? I was thinking of splurging on a Ditto X2, but unsure of whether I will use these extra effects.

just tossing this out there. I just ordered a Jamman express xt.

in a lot of the reviews, they mentioned the ditto, and how it's better. i have no idea if it is, just letting you know.

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I got Ditto looper and it's a nice pedal. The only downside is the cheap switch it has. Very good sound quality. I recommand!
The ditto is a good simple looper. If you don't know how much you'd use a looper in general, I would get the original Ditto. If you know you're going to use a looper and need one on the cheap, try the Jamman Express XT.

I like my Ditto. Its kind of "dumb" though. You can only undo the last overdub, and the double click stop feature can be finnicky; its hard to get it to stop at the exact moment you need it to, like jn a live situation.

Bottom line for me: The Ditto looper is a great little step into loopers, but it is best used as a bedroom phrase trainer/custom backing track creator.
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get a used boss rc-3, or a new digitech jamman express. TC switches are shit, and if you send it back to get it replaced out of warranty, it'll run you almost as much as a new pedal. the switch on my ditto carked out within three weeks. just as well i bought it new.

edit: if you're worried about the boss being complicated, don't. you can use it exactly like the ditto.
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