I am a 39 year old who is beginning guitar lessons and am in need of an electric guitar. My musical interests as of late are Cloudkicker (Beacons), Meshuggah, Cynic, Animals as Leader and Steve Vai. To be honest I like all forms of music and seem more drawn to metal and Djent right now. I have been looking at some options at Music Go Round, but most of the options that they offer there are pretty low quality brands.

My question to you all is where should I start as far as gear is concerned?

I have a fairly small budget at this point and my goal for the next couple of years is likely just to play on my own in my suburban home.

I have been shopping around on craigslist and ebay for some used gear, and have settled on some options, but I am not sure if they are a bit much for a first guitar. People have told me that Jackson guitars are good for metal, but they go out of tune when the whammy bar is used. Other people have suggested Ibanez with a locking tremelo system. Still others have stool by a Les Paul Gibson. I don't really want to buy a low quality system to start off with, but I also do not want to purchase a professional setup and then possibly need to sell it if my interest in learning guitar wanes over time. Thanks for reading this post, I appreciate it very much. I will list a couple of craigslist adds that I have been mulling over for your consideration.





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For a beginner, it would be hard to beat an Agile guitar and a Peavey Vypyr amp.


One of the AL2000 guitars would be great.
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Out of these as a completely new player I would got for the LP Faded. The 1st Ibanez is nice and I think the Ibanez S might be over priced for used. The LP is a decent price & will sell for that if you decide it's not for you. I don't think a 7 string with trem will be the 1st guitar your going to want to buy. That is the other reason I said the LP. Fixed bridge,a little easier to fix replace string and what not than a complex tremolo system to start off with.

I hear great things about the Peavy Vyper & Fender Mustang series but haven't played with them.
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First, what's your budget?
I too am 39 and have just started playing again. I played as a teenager then adult life kind of got in the way. For rock/metal, you want a slim neck, wide fretboard and good action. Plan on an extra $70-$100 to have the guitar set up properly or you can do it yourself. lots of good videos on full setups on youtube. Go to a music store and play with as many styles as you can supersrtats, single cutaways, v and x shape if that's what you like. Jackson and Ibanez both make really good mid range guitars that feel great. I just got a sweet Jackson DXMGT used for $250. Most important thing in a first guitar is how if feels to you!!!
I read 8 string bands in your OP. I would suggest an 8 string but thats a bit much for a beginner to start on.

Unless you think your up to it?
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